english / español

We offer Spanish > English and English > Spanish translation services to the academic, educational and intellectual communities. We aim to cover as wide a range of subject areas as possible with a special emphasis on the humanities and social sciences. Our objective is to do work of the highest possible quality at a competitive rate.

Who can benefit from using our services?

• Individuals who have written a document in an academic, professional or artistic text in either Spanish or English and want it translated accurately and appropriately into English or Spanish.
• Individuals who already have a partial or unsatisfactory translation of an academic, professional or artistic text and want it to be completed and/or revised to an appropriate standard.
• Anyone who, though they have already had their text satisfactorily translated, needs help to prepare a presentation of their ideas to a live audience in English or Spanish
• Academic, professional and artistic organizations who are seeking a reliable, quality-orientated translation services partner.
• Anyone who needs help making a funding application in English or Spanish.
• Anyone who needs certified translations of legal or commercial documents
• Anyone who needs to translate study material, CVs, information for their websites, etc.
• Anyone with an enquiry about English to Spanish or Spanish to English translation.