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We offer Spanish > English and English > Spanish translation services to the academic, educational and intellectual communities. We aim to cover as wide a range of subject areas as possible with a special emphasis on the humanities and social sciences. Our objective is to do work of the highest possible quality at a competitive rate.

Who can benefit from using our services?

• Individuals who have written a document in an academic, professional or artistic text in either Spanish or English and want it translated accurately and appropriately into English or Spanish.
• Individuals who already have a partial or unsatisfactory translation of an academic, professional or artistic text and want it to be completed and/or revised to an appropriate standard.
• Anyone who, though they have already had their text satisfactorily translated, needs help to prepare a presentation of their ideas to a live audience in English or Spanish
• Academic, professional and artistic organizations who are seeking a reliable, quality-orientated translation services partner.
• Anyone who needs help making a funding application in English or Spanish.
• Anyone who needs certified translations of legal or commercial documents
• Anyone who needs to translate study material, CVs, information for their websites, etc.
• Anyone with an enquiry about English to Spanish or Spanish to English translation.

Enhance Your Academic Writing with Expert Coaching.

We are pleased to introduce a new addition to Creganna Translation's comprehensive range of services: English for Academic Purposes (EAP) writing coaching. With over fifteen years of experience in EAP across the UK, Argentina, and Spain, I offer specialised guidance to non-native English speakers aspiring to publish their research in prestigious journals. While I am equipped to assist academics across various disciplines, my specialization lies in the humanities and social sciences. Crafting scholarly articles that resonate with an international academic readership, especially journal editors and peer reviewers, demands precision and eloquence. Acknowledging the unique challenges faced by non-native speakers in articulating intricate concepts, my coaching is tailored to help you refine your scholarly voice, navigate the intricacies of academic expression, and adhere rigorously to the standards set by reputable publications. Aimed at both individuals and small groups, my coaching sessions are meticulously designed to cater to your specific needs and can be held in person or online. By engaging in this collaborative process, you can unlock the potential to communicate your research effectively and heighten the likelihood of publication in well-ranked journals. Embark on a transformative journey toward excellence in academic writing in English. Contact me today to explore how my EAP writing coaching can expedite your progress towards successful journal publications. Sessions can be either in person or online.